POS Software Built With The Features Retailers Need Most

10x Faster, iPad-Friendly POS For Store Owners

100% Offline Mode

Work offline and online, ensuring that your sales are up regardless of the internet connection.

Smart but yet Simple Staff Management

Magento Web POS helps you secure your system by assigning levels of access by staff. Normal cashiers may create & view their own orders whereas store managers can issue refunds and track orders of other staff.

Reports & Analysis

Wanna know which location has the highest in-store sales? Or who is the star employee of the month? It’s totally possible with Web POS sales reports! You can easily track performance of each staff or location on daily, weekly, monthly basis.

Flexible & private discounts to attract point-of-sale customers

Besides default discounts by cart or coupon codes, sometimes your staff can really use a private discount per item to make more sales. He may use his negotiation skills to convert a price-sensitive customer or simply to sell a clearance item at a lower price than usual

Customer management

Customer profiles can be created with new orders. You can track down their shopping habits, order history and contact at a glance.

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